Hey kids – we have just got a bunch of new tennis toys – come and help us play with them - we're starting up a fun new play session just for you. If you like the sound of green grass, fresh air and games with your mates then come and visit.

What age?: if you can swing a racket around and follow instructions (eg: kindy) then you’re old enough. If you like the idea of playing on smaller courts then you’re not too old.

What do I need to bring?: Enthusiasm. That’s it. We have rackets and balls. Tennis shoes are preferred but bare feet can be fun on our lawns too. A snack for 3pm, drink bottle and some sunsmart clothing might also be good.

When: Saturday 2:30 – 3:30pm, activities to suit the younger kids will be earlier in the session and emphasis for the older kids slightly later on, but the format is adaptable and you can join in or stop at times that suit you, so no pressure. Refer to our club website calendar for playing dates.

Where: Hagley Park Tennis club, Riccarton Ave –

Parents: Tell them they can be involved and help if they want. If you’re not at school yet then you’ll need your parents to stay onsite with you. If you’re at school your parents must leave immediate contact information if they are dropping you off.

More for parents: If your folks get bored watching you play tell them that there is adult organised play for them to enjoy at the same time.

Cost: Free for club members – ask us about joining. Gold coin donation per person per day for non-members.

Warning: The only tricky thing is that parking is often full. Come prepared with bikes or backpacks etc for a bit of walking. You might be able to get your parents to drop you off and then they can go and park.

Further information: Please contact our coordinator Tim Preston  3519643 home, 027-6414301 cell. Also see the NZ hotshots website.

What Is “Hotshots: This is a new programme that Tennis New Zealand have organised. The community play aspect of the programme is all about doing it, playing for fun, mainly cooperative play with a tinge of competition for those who want it. It is not coaching (but we offer that also on Saturday mornings). The courts, balls and rackets are all small to suit smaller players. This makes it a lot easier and much more fun.
As well as community play the programme also has coaching (Saturday mornings), interclub competitions and tournaments (Tennis Canterbury). We also plan to run a couple of tournaments later this summer.